Military / Defense Batteries

Safest place with Extra power-proven NATO Batteries!

Reem Batteries Introduces the next generation Reem Valve Regulated Lead Acid (VRLA) batteries with Absorptive Glass Mat (AGM) technology for Combat & Tactical vehicle application. Which is Cleaner. More efficient. More powerful. And longer lasting. Everything you’d expect from Reem in an AGM battery. A giant achievement for any manufacturer.

Reem supplies almost all of the MOD demand batteries with the extra power-proven NATO type Flooded, Dry charged and AGM technology batteries; designed , developed and manufactured as a result of R&D works and used in the International defense industry for military purposes. The NATO Type Battery is preferred for the vehicles such as the military tanks, combat and tactical vehicles which are most commonly used in the defense industry.


As a global supplier, Reem Batteries successfully represents Sultanate of Oman abroad and supplies batteries to the armed forces of many different countries in the defense industry. Reem supplies batteries to various NATO countries.

Performance excellence

  • Absolute maintenance free
  • Spill proof in tilted and upside-down conditions making the construction suitable for the application.
  • No corrosion of vehicle parts
  • No explosive gaseous mixture accumulation while charging
  • 20-30% extra power – high cold cranking power
  • Extra shock and vibration resistance
  • Better life cycle (3 times more energy throughput and 3 times more life in test conditions than normal MF batteries)
  • Very low self discharge
  • Flame retardant plastic housing ensures safety aspect
  • VRLA Batteries : NSN 6140-99-219-2903, NSN 6140-01-485-1472, NSN 6140-99-690-6632
  • MF Batteries: NSN 6140-01-446-9498, NSN 6140-01-469-9184 , NSN 6140-01-446-9506