Automatic Voltage Regulator (AVR) & Static Voltage Regulator (SVR)


Unique Design for Telecom (BTS)
and other applications (500VA to 2000kVA

  • Non-linear charges drive.
  • Single and three phase input/output
  • Wide power and voltage interval
  • Fast regulation
  • High reliability (Microprocessor and Smart Driver)
  • High efficiency
  • Load transfer to bypass via fuses
  • Safe and economic usage
  • Overcurrent and overload protection (Optional)
  • Digitally displayed status, input & output measurements. 


Single Phase (5-30 kVA). Three Phase (15-120 kVA)

  • Thyristor Controlled Technology
  •  Microprocessor Controller
  •  Wide Input Voltage Range
  •  Reliable Output Voltage Stability
  •  Overload Capability up to 130% Load
  •  Electronic Control
  •  Swift response to voltage fluctuations
  •  High efficiency
  •  Manual Bypass Switch
  •  Operation Capability at high Temperature and Humidity
  •  Short Circuit and Overload Protection

Accessories (available for all power range)

  •  Normal Range (between 150 to 285VAC)
  •  Wide Range (between 110 to 270VAC
  •  Special Range (between 90 to 285VAC)
  •  Output voltage tolerance 2% and 5% options are available


Static Transfer Switch

  • Uninterruptible transfer between independent sources
  • Synchron / asynchron transfer feature
  • “In flight” transfer mode
  • Source priority selection
  • Automatic and Manual transfer in case of failure on both sources
  • Module replacement without interruption under load
  • Fast Diagnostic Response with microprocessor controller
  • Internal (2 pcs) manual bypass
  • Easy Maintenance availability
  • Current Distortion level less than 1%
  • Transfer to the 2nd source in less than 5 ms if low /high voltage values