DC Charger and Rectifiers

Battery Charger and Rectifiers

Product Range:

  • Input voltage:230Vac, Single phase, 50/60 Hz or 380 to 575 Vac,3
    phase, 50/60 Hz(3W+E)
  • Oputput voltage:24 650 Vdc
  • Output Current: up to 500 A

Depending on the application Lead acid flooded or valve regulated
lead-acid, Nickel cadmium batteries are used for energy storage in the power supply system. Each type of battery requires an individual charging characteristic.

Your advantages:

  • Best Price/Performance relation
  • Highest reliability and functionality
  • Separation of regulation and monitor unit.
  • Flexible monitoring and control programming.
  • LCD display with measuring values and alarm.
  • Easy guidance and set-up menus.
  • Possibility of communication by Mod-bus RS-485