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Reem Batteries promotes its flagship brand ANTARA in Oman which is market leader in both Dry Charge and Sealed Maintenance Free battery segment. With vast network of 300+ dealers across Oman, Antara is known for superior performance and service. With more than 180 sizes, Antara caters to almost all segments of automotive requirements.

Four simple steps to experience Reem Batteries- Business Power solutions

Application Engineering

We understand the client’s business in order to propose a customised and complete solution. Keeping in mind the type, rating and distribution of power required for the operations and for protection from power related problems, including complete outage, our engineers select and recommend the most appropriate equipment.Thorough site study is done on the physical space available, vis-ˆ-vis the requiredequipment. Finally, the GA and Layout drawings are made based on the exact placement and orientation of all the equipment and accessories, and presented to the client or consultant for review and approval. Here, the focus is to maximize output while occupying minimal space.

Developing Integrated Solution

On approval of drawings and award of contract, we move on to procure all equipment and accessories, modules and sub-modules and undertake partial or full function test in our workshop. This ensures a pre-tested and robust performance model and minimizes chances of any problems post implementation. Following the equipment, module and accessories’ tests, integration is carried out and further tested to ensure a complete solution that offers the desired results.

Execution and Supply of the Complete Solution

Installation sites are studied and surveyed prior to installation, for complete readiness. Client is informed if anything has been overlooked that may hinder proper installation and commissioning of all the equipment and accessories.All the equipment and accessories for the complete system are supplied, andsubsequently our field support engineers undertake the installation andcommissioning of the same.Following successful installation and commissioning, a full function test is carried outconnecting all the actual loads. On successful completion, the system is handed overto the client.After successful commissioning and testing, the users and maintenance personnel ofthe client are trained thoroughly on operation of the system, it’s various modules, sub-modules and so on. We also impart a basic maintenance and trouble shooting training to them to equip them to handle any problems that may occur in future.

Round the Clock Maintenance & Post Warranty Maintenance

For added peace of mind, REEM PSBG provides round the clock service support through a team of Support Services Engineers (SSE). Our SSEs are well qualified and factory trained by most of our suppliers and OEMs. They are fully geared to provide both preventive and corrective maintenance services of solutions supplied by us and are on call, round the clock.


Our batteries are exported directly or indirectly to almost 56 countries. list of countries that we are exporting and identify in world map