We pride ourselves on our R&D. We make some of the best batteries in the world today.
But what about tomorrow? Introducing the REEM AGM.
The next generation of battery is here. Cleaner. More efficient.
More powerful. And longer lasting. Everything you’d expect from REEM in an AGM battery.

Buses put unique demands on a battery. Their stop-start nature and the slow traffic of city streets
coupled with long running times, often 16-18 hours, means they lose charge. And crowded buses and
crowded metropolitan streets demand a secure leak proof battery.

So when customers approached us we rose to the challenge by developing an entirely new battery in
this sector. Introducing the REEM AGM bus battery.

A battery that delivers even when partially charged. And recharges efficiently and quickly. Trust REEM
to turn a challenge into an innovative solution.

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