Oman’s Most Trusted Battery Brand : ANTARA GOLD range of Maintenance Free Batteries

The desert can be unforgiving. Some of the world’s harshest conditions require one of the world’s toughest batteries. ANTARA GOLD is a sealed, maintenance free, ultra reliable battery. A tough battery for a tough job. ANTARA GOLD is unstoppable for ultimate desert proof performance. When we first introduced our desert proof maintenance free battery we, like our competitors, offered a twelve-month guarantee. And like our competitors, the battery generally failed in the 13th month. Rather than compromising on quality we chose to withdraw our product. What was good enough for our competitors wasn’t good enough for Reem. Working with the research team at a top university we set about correcting this problem. Given identical conditions, ANTARA GOLD now outperforms other batteries by 30-50%. Trust Reem to give you more.