Automotive Batteries

This powerful backing of a world leader had earlier ensured that the company benefited from the application of cutting-edge technology to all its Automotive products.

Reem Batteries is the technology forerunner and one of the largest manufacturers of lead-acid batteries for both Dry charged and Sealed Maintenance Free in the GCC.

Summer heat is tougher on car batteries than winter’s chill. Higher temperatures have a greater impact on the batteries & it’s not just about air temperature. Desert hot summer temps drive up the heat under the hood and accelerate the onset of battery failure. Reem Batteries Desert Proof Batteries were designed & manufactured with highest standard to handle those harshest condition., a promise that has been honored for nearly 30 years.

Reem Automotive batteries guarantee best performance in GCC climate, as it is the only battery with full frame technology made out of precious and corrosion resistance lead alloy unique among the Industry which ensures reliable trouble free start every time.




Reem Batteries technology was originally from Johnson Controls Battery Group Inc. USA, which the company has subsequently improved upon and customized to meet various targeted segments.

Lot of battery manufacturers have designed their products with extremely high CCAs while sacrificing other more important design aspects.

Batteries designed to have high CCA could die an early death because of water loss, constant idling, and vibration while use in Hot temperate climates. CCA is more relevant for the European and North American markets compared to GCC & regions.

Reem Batteries has the right product for right region, we have product range for Tropical as well as European & North American markets. Reem Automotive Batteries were crafted and presented to have balanced CCA and high Reserve Capacity to last longer, a real desert hero.

  • Full frame Technology – Reliable & longer life
  • Pure lead – special alloy combination outstanding performance
  • Long -lasting with high reserve capacity
  • Sealed Maintenance Free – Fit and forget
  • Safest to customers and end-users in both during use and storage. Special microporous flame arrestor filter in the top cover exhaust, blocks any leakage of corrosive electrolyte.
  • All batteries fitted with self-inspection Magic-Eye indicator, to instantaneously know the state of charge.