Inverter Batteries

Reem Batteries offers a comprehensive range of the best inverter batteries. It cuts the power cut. We offer fail-safe, fool-proof batteries that are tested in our fully equipped test house at our manufacturing plant. These batteries feature heavy-duty, corrosion-resistant alloy for positive grids, to increase cyclic life.  Inverter converts the grid supplied energy into DC power and battery is a device where this DC power is stored. In the event of power outage, inverter draws power from battery and inverts it back to AC form to run all household loads.

Based on the plate technology, we offer three types of best inverter batteries

1.Flate Plate Batteries

  1. Tubular Plate Batteries
  2. GEL Batteries


Performance Excellence

  • Tubular Batteries are assembled with tubular positive and pasted negative plates made of a special alloy.
  • Transparent sealed float indicators and Micro Porous Aqua Trap vent plugs, allow generated gases to escape and traps water particles, returning the major portion to the electrolyte. This reduces the frequency of topping up.
  • Extra electrolyte head and proper voltage control, the frequency of topping up will be once a year.