Solar – Renewable energy Power projects

REEM PSBG is one of the first few companies in OMAN to make available Solar PV solutions in OMAN for small to medium applications. REEM Batteries is having it’s own indigenously designed Solar Hybrid Power Solutions capable of providing uninterrupted power to the loads from different sources like Solar PV, Battery Bank, Generator, Utility Sources etc. on customizable selection criteria. REEM Solar Hybrid power had already found it’s extensive use in MOD and other Govt. applications for their Telecom and other Remote sites.

REEM PSBG division also was involved in the very first Commercial Rooftop Solar PV installation in OMAN (at Bank Muscat) as Technical and Engineering Consultant.


Products handled under this segment are: Solar Panels, Cyclic and Solar Batteries, BOS items, Solar Inverters, DC-DC Converters, Cable and Switch Gear items, Hybrid Solar Power Solutions.

  • REEM Solar Hybrid Power Solutions
  • REEM UPS’s different types and capacities
  • REEM Solar Inverters
  • REEM Solar Accessories
  • REEM High Temperature Battery/ Deep Cycle GEL Battery/Li Ion Battery/Energy Storage Solution.
  • Tier-1/2 Solar Panels