Forklift Batteries

Reem Batteries offers wide range of traction batteries to many critical sectors where it is essential to start electrically operate equipment and keep them running in absence of main power. Focusing applications in big warehouses, airports, ports, and similar industries as motive power solutions.

Offered in highest technical competence in its class, the super strong Reem traction batteries meets the British standards (BS) and DeutschesInstitute (DIN) specifications.

Performance excellence

  • High capacity and long-lasting batteries
  • Highly Energy Efficient Positive Plates made with Tubular Spine with purest Red Lead Dry filling and paste filled option.
  • 100 % Leakage proof.
  • Powder coated Tray isolates the battery from the folk lift & Prevents the Electrolyte from penetrating the metallic part of the container.
  • Unmatched Cyclic Life. 1500cycles@80%DoD @ 25°C