Medical Power Solutions

MEDICAL Application (CT, MRI, USG, Color Doppler – EEG, various PMS, OT Lighting etc.)  find mandatory need for UPS systems and other Power solutions to ensure uninterrupted operation providing quality / uninterrupted power. The type of UPS Systems normally required are Standard UPS with input PFC (Power Factor Correction so as to get low Input Harmonics and thereby low losses) alongwith very strong RFT/EMI Filter-removal facilities and very high Switching on (in-rush Surge) Current handling capability, Complete isolation input/output.  Depending upon requirements, long back-up (4/6/8 hours) systems are recommended. For Critical applications in PMS, OT lighting etc. UPS’s in Redundant Configuration or Modular UPS with built-in N+1 Redundancy are used.




       REEM UPS of different capacities with PFC’s and RFI/EMI Filter, Input IT etc. and REEM Charger Batteries:

  • Defender PHVT Series including 3 Phase System
  • Modular Type
  • AVR & SVR